About Me

About Me
Welcome to my About Me Section

Who am I? Well, I am Anthony Cong Thien Nguyen, born and raised in Orange County, California. A Graduate of DeVry University with a Bachelors of Science in Technical Management and a emphasis in Business Information Systems, trying to find my career path. Lately, I've been testing the waters, doing different job functions and seeing where I want to take my knowledge to the next level.

Teaching myself and figuring things out is my thing. Getting my hands dirty and experimenting is the best way I can learn. Fundamentals and theories can only go so far, it can only logically make sense to a certain point; but actually doing it, is an adventure itself. You gain so much insight, once you get to test it out, everything you read, watched, heard, pondered just starts to make sense. I am driven by the eagerness to learn. I work hard so I can get opportunities to learn new things.

However, motivation is my downfall. This does not mean i'm not motivated to work hard or motivated to try my best. I simply, cannot self motivate myself to start learning something, until I need it. For example, PHP. I tried to learn php, and started this website. The basic use of php: the "include" function. That was as far as I took it. I wanted to learn more, but why? I was neither a web designer nor a web developer, I do it on the side for fun, but not at a large extent. So I was never motivated to take it further. Until, my co-worker wanted a registration type of web application, and he couldn't find one to suit his needs. There it was, an opportunity to learn something that I wanted to. So I made it just to teach myself php and mysql. Will I ever have to use it again? Who knows! But if I do, I will definately be ready for it.

I may be a quiet person, but I am full of adventure. I love games, I love sports, I love putting my mind to work.

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